LHU Mentoring Program

A little bit about our mentorship program. The Lion Heart Unlimited Mentoring Program is built around 6 pillar rules.

 General Rules                                Leadership Rules

  1. Don't Lie                                     1.  Be a Role Model
  2. Be Respectful                            2. Be Accountable for Your Actions
  3. Read                                           3. Set the Example

Our target age group are 3rd, 4th, & 5th Graders. We've been blessed to maintain some of our mentoring relationships past those grades as well. 

We’ve been serving in one elementary school in our local community since 2016 in Bessemer, Alabama. We've been blessed and fortunate to add a second elementary school in 2021!

Lion Heart Unlimited Mentoring Explainer Video 

During a normal school year, we’re able to meet with all the young men in the program (segmented by grade level) for 45 minutes to an hour for each grade level, 2 to 3 times a month on the school campus. We keep tabs with their teachers on how each one is performing in class from grades to conduct. We also ask their teachers to access and complete a personality profile for us on each young man. It's more so subjective to what the teacher thinks, however it provides us with an idea of how each young man is wired to a degree.

We normally only mentor young men that are being parented by single mothers. We're trying to provide a positive male role model for the young men, especially if their relationship with their father is nonexistent or stressful. We also understand the ego dynamic that all men have and therefore don't want to cause any unnecessary friction in a household in which their father or their mother's boyfriend resides with them. This can confuse the young man and also cause unnecessary stress if the father or boyfriend thinks or feels their authority is being undermined in the young man's life by another man outside the home. 

Our goal is to inspire, encourage, and motivate the young men in the program through interaction, role playing, open ended discussions, visualization & positive reinforcement. Our hope is to inspire and encourage them to think positively about their future goals and dreams while attempting to expose them to all the possibilities that exist for them if they apply themselves.

Our vision is to disrupt how mentoring is viewed and applied within the school system by being active, consistent, & present in lives of the young men in the program by showing up, checking up, & staying engaged with them throughout the school year culminating into a full fledge pizza party to celebrate them graduating to the next level of school and their lives.

"We would rather Build a HERO than allow society to Create a Villain!"

Be a LION!

God Bless, 

-Brian Holley