Why Start a Brand?!?

Why Start a Brand?!?

With all the unique brands established in the world today (estimated to be in the millions), why even attempt to start a brand? Well my question is why not? Not being facetious, the world is full of brands that are good and some are great, but what do they really actually mean to us. Yes, they do have good quality, good engineering, good manufacturing, good packaging, good marketing, etc… but what do they really mean to us as human beings, as individuals? Don’t get me wrong, my family and I do purchase several brands that are quality to us; however they don’t inspire, motivate, or spark us to do anything special. One of the main reasons we purchase certain brands is that those brands do provide some type of utility for us.

 In this day and time utility is good, heck utility is great, however a brand that provides utility does not necessarily mean that that particular brand will provide a positive message, motivation, inspiration, or encouragement to the individual. This is one of the main reasons that the Lion Heart Unlimited Brand was created. Inspired by those then 4th graders in the mentoring program who all had and still have big dreams and goals for their lives. Some dreams as humble as becoming a Policeman when he grows up and some as big as becoming a YouTube Superstar and moving his family to Calabasas, California.

You see Lion Heart Unlimited is meant to encourage, inspire, and motivate not only those young men in the program but also all of us as human beings and individuals through positivity and support! The message is simple yet valid, to accomplish anything you desire in life requires that you have a Lion Heart to go after it. It requires you to know and believe that the possibilities are Unlimited if you follow your path and run your race.

So your question is, why start a brand, and my answer is because we all need to be encouraged, inspired, and motivated to run our own race. The race that allows us to learn, grow, and fulfill our potential as human beings and individuals through service to our Creator, our ideas, our dreams, our goals, our community & our neighbor.

I’ll summarize with a quote provided by inspirational author, Orison Swett Marden….

There are powers inside of you which if you could discover and use, would make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined you could become.

And that is what we all should be doing, constantly searching for the powers inside of us to fulfill the potential that was given to each of us by our Creator to run our own race!

God Bless!

-B. Holley
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